Our Commitment to Your Privacy

The safety, security, and confidentiality of your personal information are essential to the long-term success of Antworthy (“we” or “our”).  All personnel are responsible for maintaining your privacy in accordance with our Policies and Procedures and Investment Management Agreement.

We collect information to understand your personal financial circumstances, so we may provide you with financial advice and portfolio management tailored to your personal circumstances, and to meet the regulatory requirements of the British Columbia Securities Commission.

We collect relevant personal and financial information through account opening application forms and a “Know Your Client” document.  The information may include your name, date of birth, social insurance number, residential address, employment information, banking information, annual income, and net worth.

We use your personal information to help determine the guidelines by which your investment portfolio should be managed and to provide suitable investment advice.

We share your information with third parties for the sole purpose of serving your financial interests.  Your personal information is provided to the Custodian and is used to open an account with the Custodian.  We may also disclose your information to regulators such as BCSC.  The regulators require access to personal information of clients, employees, agents, directors, or officers of the firm.  They collect, use or disclose such personal information for regulatory purposes, including surveillance of trading-related activity, audits, investigation of potential regulatory and statutory violations, regulatory databases, enforcement or disciplinary proceedings, reporting, and information sharing with other securities regulators.